South African Associations
of Retired Persons

SAARP In A Nutshell

SAARP was started in 1982, with the aim of promoting the interests of senior citizens in South Africa. While the organisation has evolved over the years, our aims remain essentially the same: SAARP believes that senior citizens are entitled to a secure and rewarding existence in line with the highest moral principles of mankind. We work with vigour to enrich lives, raise self-esteem and influence society to support these ideals.

SAARP negotiates with various appropriate companies in order to provide very competitive prices and excellent services and value for money, at greatly reduced costs to members. Our main source of income (excluding donations) is the commission which we receive when members use our products. This situation is crucial for SAARP’s survival, and is in fact a symbiotic one. We need members to support us in order to survive, and in return we offer members excellent services at reduced costs.

SAARP is a service organisation in terms of the registered Memorandum and Articles of Association. We exist solely for our members and there are no shareholders who can lay claim to assets or profits. Because of this, we are able to plough the profits back into benefits for members

SAARP also lobbies, promotes and intercedes on behalf of its members and senior citizens in general.

SAARP membership is free. The only qualifying requirement is that members are 50 years of age or older.

SAARP Membership and Mahalas Discount Cards

When you join SAARP, you are automatically issued with a card containing your SA Identity Number. This is your SAARP membership number. You can contact us on 021 592 1279 or On the card there is also a Mahala Loyalty Number. If you produce your card at any company affiliated to Mahalas they can swipe your card and you will accumulate points which can be redeemed at a later stage or get special discounts. Contact Mahala via 0860 62 42 52 or or to obtain details of the companies that they deal with and what special offers they may have.


Social and Leisure

SAARP has a network of social clubs around the country, where thousands of our members enjoy the camaraderie and outings offered by these clubs. Contact us at SAARP 021 592 1279 or to find a club in your area. If there is no SAARP club in your area, and you think that a club is viable, contact SAARP for more details on starting or initiating a club. SAARP, on behalf of its members, purchases Holiday Club points which are made available to our members at discount prices. Contact Renske at SAARP on 021 592 1279 or

SAARP has negotiated with Avis, Holiday Autos and First Car for discounted car hire rates for our members. Contact us at SAARP 021 592 1279 or for details on how to book and get your discounted rate at each company.


Short Term Insurance

SAARP offers short term insurance policies to our members through a number of companies. Members have saved up to R10,000 per annum on their SAARP policies. Contact Lorraine, Renske or Beverley at SAARP 021 592 1279 or e-mail or or

SAARP also offers special funeral insurance at reduced rates. Contact us at SAARP 021 592 1279 or

Members qualify for a special discount for funeral services from Doves Undertakers. This is given to members who are able to produce their SAARP membership cards when requiring these services.



Wills and Trusts can be done to your requirements at long distance by fully qualified attorneys. Matthee Attorneys Incorporated offer professional solutions for estate planning ensuring peace of mind. For more information contact us at SAARP 021 592 1279 or



Warwick Wealth also provides a complete investment advisory service. For more information contact us at SAARP 021 592 1279 or Or Click on the button on the home page to contact them.



A negotiated scheme with Impact Hearing gives members a R750 discount on the purchase of one of four well-known makes of hearing aids.

SAARP has also negotiated with SpecSavers for special discounts. For more information contact us at SAARP 021 592 1279 or



SAARP has a special agreement with Universe Direct which enables us to offer refurbished, branded computers to our members at extremely low prices and also includes genuine licensed software which is normally an extremely expensive item. These items have a 12-month warranty.


Communication and Information

SAARP produces a free monthly e-newsletter in English and Afrikaans. If we have your e-mail address we will send you this monthly e-newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter via the website.

SAARP is also on Facebook, and we encourage our members to use Facebook to interact with SAARP and with other SAARP members. This is SAARP in a nutshell. You can find more information on all of these services on the relevant pages of our website.


Contact Details

Head Office: PO Box 13222, N1 City, 7463, Cape Town, Western Cape

Tel: 021 592 1279

Fax: 021 592 1284