No 339 - May



PO BOX 1928, George, 6530


Dear Members and Friends




Thank heavens the months of March and April are over and life can return to normal until the next public holiday in June!  These long weekends are all well and good for the “workers” but a real pain for us Golden Oldies for whom every day is a holiday and closed shops are unacceptable!!  An interesting month lies ahead of us – with strangely alternating hot and cold days ahead.  Enjoy!



A warm George Social Club welcome to Hettie Esterhuyse and Carmen Hulme who signed up in the month of April.  We look forward to a long and beneficial association with you all!




Thursday 20th April 2017 – Breakfast at Food and Co.

18 members, including 2 of our newest members, a long standing member and her carer and the balance of stalwart regulars were introduced to yet another “new” venue where an excellent breakfast was quickly and efficiently served.  Highly recommended.

Tuesday 18th  April 2017 – annual general meeting at Emmaus

Thank you to the 40 members who took part in the annual general meeting and provided excellent ideas and input.  I think that the George Club is going to grow during this coming year and that the current and future members are going to made a huge difference to the running of the events and activities.  Thank you also to Dick and Raye Cullingworth who led everyone in songs of generations ago - and we all knew the words!!! 







Tuesday 16th May 2017 – From Food to Flying to Farming   – Emmaus – 14:00 for 14:30

I think there is nothing more delightful than reading a mother’s introduction of her daughter and I am going to let Jenny Pipes “speak” for the next few lines.  Her daughter, Lauren, is our speaker for the meeting.

“A brief background: she is the elder of our daughters born in Pietermaritzburg attended school there and was a keen girl guider reaching ranger guide status. She rather astounded us when she showed an interest in joining the air force to train as a chef. Remember Pietermaritzburg was known as the last outpost of the British empire.  So the thought of my daughter (who had led a rather sheltered life) would be exposed to the hostile surrounds of Pretoria was a daunting prospect.  Lauren was in line to compete for the chef of the year but unfortunately on the day of the final she had Gastro and was not allowed to cook. She was Victrix Laburnum on officer’s course and when flying flew Pres. Mandela to his private game reserve. There are many other stories but you have to hear them from her.  Lauren has commercial licences for fixed wing and helicopter. Unlike cars you have to get Type ratings for every different helicopter you fly. Lauren holds about 15 Type Ratings.”

Let us give Lauren a warm welcome by filling the hall!!!  Entrance fee of R7 for members; R10 for visitors. 



Thursday 11 May 2017 – Breakfast at Veronique’s Bakery and Coffee Shop, corner Courtney and  Mitchell  Streets – 09:00 for 09:30 – R55 including tip.  LIST IS FULL!

A reminder to those who have already put their names down for this breakfast that if they cannot make the date, notice must be given to either Peter, Gillian,  Barbara or myself at least 3 days before the event. The R55 cost includes a tip.

Thursday 8th June 2017 at  Upstairs at Harry’s – 09:00 for 09:30

2 eggs, bacon, chips, tomato, toast and bottomless coffee or tea is on the menu at a cost of R60 including a tip.  Rob, our host, has offered to arrange special parking for us on the ramp at the back of the restaurant – which is worth a couple of extra bucks!  List available at the general meeting, as usual.  First come, first served, as we are going to have to limit our numbers to 25.  Contact Peter and Gillian at 044 873 4780.



P-J and his good wife are away on holiday at present but Sharon Drake and Carol Andrew are, I believe, standing in for him very efficiently.  Sharon’s e-mail address is  and cellphone number is 0723564823. I am sure she will welcome any enquiries regarding the hiking group.



I must admit to some tardiness regarding attending the bowling group gatherings on Tuesdays and Fridays – mainly due to a backlog of administrative work which I need to catch up on!  (I was off –line for almost 3 months, remember and it is amazing how behind one gets when normal facilities are unavailable,)  However, I am told that the 10 pin bowling group is growing both in stature and organisation and for this my thanks go to Gerard Rosendale and his elves!  Keep up the good work until I can get back and show you how it is done!



Lynn Giani is, I am sure, already showing everyone her list and demanding pen to paper!  As soon as I get more information from her, I will give you the details, but in the meantime I understand that negotiations are underway with Ponto Restaurant, York Street for a buffet lunch.  Menu and prices to follow but please do not let that stop you from putting your name on the list!




Elsewhere in this newsletter I mentioned that members who have “booked” an event need to give at least 3 days notice of cancellation!  This applies, particularly, to the Breakfast Group as many of the venues chosen are new and small and cannot accommodate many.  If we book, say, 20 diners and only 18 turn up on the day, the host/hostess is put at a disadvantage – having in all probability ordered in extra stocks!  It has taken a very quick and beguiling tongue to prevent SAARP from having to pay for the absentee.  It has been tentatively decided to keep the numbers of diners to 20, depending on the venue, and we hope that this group of members understand our dilemma.

At the AGM in April, a question was raised as to what exactly the committee does!  I am compiling a list of the duties of each designate which, I hope, will be available for perusal by interested parties, by the end of May.  If this sounds a little tardy, please excuse me – but I find that I am being affected by this unseasonal heat and my enthusiasm for sitting in front of a computer screen has diminished somewhat!  The list is, I promise, something to look forward to – so far it has astounded me!!!


Please remember to wear your name badge whenever you attend an event or activity!  They can be obtained from Barbara at a cost of R15 per badge.  Please bear in mind, however, that the time between ordering and receiving the badges can be up to a month. 



Service offered


Service offered


Personal Birthday or anniversary cards. R40 large and R35  small

Barbara Magill

044 870 7035

General “handyman” repairs and construction

Lawrence Ladwig

044 873 3705

Roz’s Rides – shopping, Lifts etc.

Ros Schubert

044 873 3581 or

082 461 0509

Naturopath, Iridologist. Specialising- in Natural Medicine, Iridology, Neck, Back & Joint pain.

5% Discount on 1st consultation fee to all members. Call Dr Frank Scott. Telephone 044 870 0887.


Tuesday 16th May 2017 –  Talk “From food, to flying to farming” at Emmaus - 14:00 for 14:30

Thursday 11th May 2017 – Breakfast at Veronique’s – 09:00 for 09:30

Thursday – 8th June 2017 – Breakfast at Upstairs at Harry’s - 09:00 for 09:30

Committee details 




E-Mail  Address

Pam Hodgson

Chairperson and Scribe

044 887 0449

Barbara  Magill

Treasurer, social secretary

044 870 7035

Pam Hodgson

Membership  Secretary

082 353 0005


Enjoy the cooler weather!


2nd May 2017