Hello, again With a third of the year already gone it’s time to welcome ‘the Merry Month of May’. After the l-o-n-g, hot summer we’ve been having, let’s hope it brings some muchneeded rain to the Western Cape!


Our first Beetle Drive on 12 April was a belated celebration of Merle’s birthday – a good attendance and a splendid feast of delicacies (many thanks to Merle and Frankie for their contributions). As Lady Luck would have it, Merle actually won the game with 100 points but she nobly relinquished her title and presented the hamper to a lady with 99 points; unfortunately, without my glasses on, I couldn’t see who she was. We’ll plan another Beetle Drive during a school holiday and hope then to introduce some grandchildren to the game to join in the fun.

At our general meeting last week Merle used the opportunity to introduce our new member and Treasurer, Louise Jones; I hope she enjoyed her first general meeting with us. David Kent must be congratulated on his well-researched and technically proficient Power-point presentation on Philately; I hope others were as impressed as I was with his collection of one-page presentations – and his beautiful hand-crafted calligraphy!

I was particularly interested to learn that the founder of the Remembrance Day poppy was an American woman, Professor Moina Michael, who was inspired by the poem In Flanders Fields by the Canadian, John McCrae,the opening lines of which are: In Flanders fields the poppies blow / Between the crosses row on row.’ She was so moved by the poem, she vowed always to wear a red poppy as a symbol of remembrance for those who served in the war. After the War she returned to lecturing at the University of Georgia and taught a class of disabled servicemen. She then realised the urgent need to provide financial and occupational support for these men, and had the bright idea of selling silk poppies to raise funds for disabled servicemen. In 1921 her efforts resulted in the poppy being adopted as a symbol of remembrance for war veterans, firstly by the American Legion Auxiliary and later that year by what became The Royal British Legion.

After David’s success, I’m wondering if there are other members who would like to share their hobby passions with us – any bee keepers, pigeon-fanciers or herb-gardeners out there? Please let me hear from you.


Thursday, 25 May: Iziko South African Museum @ R200.00 pp (all inclusive – tea, entrance fee & lunch). Tea and muffins to fill the empty spot before embarking on an exploration of the Museum. (I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t been there for years but am looking forward to the visit with excitement.) The Mineral Gallery features over 200 specimens from Iziko's extensive mineral collection. With a fresh, new look, minerals in an array of colours and sizes from around the world are displayed to form a dazzling display. Discover interesting pieces such as the desert rose, fish-tail twinning in gypsum, the many forms of calcite and quartz, and more. The exhibition also highlights interesting facts about the various mineral groups.

Lunch at Van Hunks restaurant: 19 choices to tantalize those taste buds..... from seafood to burgers..... curries to grills..... pasta to wraps - and soup to salads. Thursday 18 May – General Meeting: Our guest speaker will be David Slingsby who will be talking about Geneaology. This is your chance to learn about such things as ‘6th cousin twice removed’ etc - I’m sure he’ll clarify the jargon for us!

THEATRE NEWS (all at Artscape Opera House)

Sunday 21 May at 3pm: Tiger Bay, the Musical; CT Opera production in partnership with the Wales Millennium Centre. R175 throughout except for last two rows at the back which are R100. Book with ID at any Computicket. Based on How Green is My Valley, this is a riotous family musical set in the docks of Cardiff at a time when coal was king; filled with rousing music and a cast of unforgettable characters, it is a story of courage, reconciliation and love. As the production will be transferring to the UK later in the year, this short run (May 20 to 27) offers a rare opportunity to be the first to see a major new international musical. 3rd or 17th June (Saturdays), 2pm: Swan Lake ballet with orchestra. Book at May meeting, R80 per ticket.


My thanks to all those who continue to collect bread tags for me - I’m well on the way to completing my 2nd black bagful of 10 x 2kg bread bags. I thought you might be interested in the following text that I gleaned from their website:

  • Bread tags come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Made of High Impact Polystyrene they have a good recycling value. It takes 200 bread bags full of tags that are packed into 10 black bags - or 200 kg of tags - to bring in enough money to buy one wheelchair.
  • Mary Honeybun founded the organization in 2006 in Cape Town and they provide 2 to 3 wheelchairs to adults and children around South Africa every month!! Having a wheelchair gives the recipient independence and mobility, and this makes a big difference to their families as well.
  • Collecting bread tags, even broken ones, makes a difference to our environment, too, as they are recycled into seedling trays, picture frames, coat hangers and other items.
  • You can make a difference to the lives of people who are in need of a wheelchair – simply save your bread tags, and get your families and friends to do so, too.

My son, Neil, has also asked me to pass on his thanks for all the bottle tops you’ve collected for the Smile Foundation, a South African non-profit charity that helps children in need of surgery for facial abnormalities such as cleft-lip and -palate. Vivien is the star collector of bottle tops!


It is often only when tragedy strikes that we realise how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected. We all know our lives are terminal but many of us procrastinate about preparing for the inevitable, leaving grieving family or friends to sort out the chaos we’ve left behind. One of the most important things that we can do for our loved ones is to create an "In Case of Emergency” file. This is the one file that we should reach for in an emergency. It should contain the following:

  • IDs + several certified copies
  • Last Wills + Codicils Burial wishes
  • Medical Aid – contact nos; personal medical data
  • Passports
  • Banking details – copies of cards (credit, debit etc.) Marriage certificate(s), Antenuptial Contract(s) and/or Final order of divorce
  • Licenses and Contracts
  • Certified copies of drivers’ licenses
  • Investments – Share and Unit Trust Portfolios
  • Policies eg Short Term and Life Insurance; Pension/Provident Fund; Endowment, Income Protection, UIF; Annuities
  • Assets eg Motor vehicles, Property details, Inventory of Possessions

Also, lists of Family, Friends, Doctors, account-holders etc. who need to be contacted, together with all their contact details.

Keep this file in a safe and preferably fire-proof place. It is also a good idea to keep a copy of the file “off site” – lodged with a trusted family member, maybe - or at least ensure that someone outside your immediate household also knows where this file is.

I hope some will find this helpful.


Rita Scott advised that, after the total lack of interest shown by staff at the Mowbray Maternity Home when she tried to deliver, the items were actually donated to Groote Schuur Hospital who were thrilled to receive them! Our grateful thanks to all contributers.


To all those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in May (especially the ‘Big 0’ ones!), heartiest congratulations – I hope you have splendid memories to look back upon.

To those in hospital or recovering from illness at home – may you soon be up and about again.

To those who have recently lost close friends and relatives – Time is a great healer; try to recall the happy times you used to have together.

Finally, best wishes to all the Mums – hope you’ll be spoilt rotten on Mothers’ Day!

Ciao for now








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