Helderberg Branch Newsletter

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Secretary: Jill Cole 078 089 0456

Treasurer: Annatjie Visser 021 851 1673

EFTs: Standard Bank 051 001 Savings Account 036 576 859-Helderberg SAARP Club

Speakers: Sally Brownie 021 850 2169

Catering: Pam Rosenkrantz 073 473 2616

Outings: David Boucher

& Penny West

Newsletter: Mervyn Cole 078 287 8182

Postal Address: 52 Reservoir Road Somerset West 7130

The Lifeboat Edition

The Speaker at the Meeting was Kim Gresse of the National Sea Rescue Institute, the organisation dedicated to saving lives at sea. For Kim there is a personal resonance as her son almost drowned during a training exercise, and it was the skills of his comrades that brought him back to life after a 15 minute battle.

The NSRI was set up by Pattie Price 50 years ago, after 15 fishermen drowned. She wrote many letters in an effort to do something so such a tragedy would not happen again. With the assistance of the UK’s RNLI a small rubber boat was purchased as their first vehicle: now there are over 1000 volunteers and 36 Seaside stations and 5 set up near dams.

Volunteers are on call 24/7 and are aged from 16-75. More are always needed. These are ordinary people who do an extraordinary job for which good sea legs are required, as they go out in all weathers. Training for seagoing volunteers is very intensive: the inland crews are under less pressure. Beside boats there is a helicopter division and some submariner work too, for which special training is required. The annual expenses for the NSRI is R76 million which pays for the maintenance and upkeep of the stations, the 46 craft and their running costs, full time staff, and equipment.

This is funded by donations, bequests, a R600 a ticket Raffle for two cars, Carols on the Beach, collection tins and other events. These funds pay for the 852 rescues last year: 50,000 plus in the last 50 years. The NSRI will take you skydiving when you get to 100, and for a small petrol donation, bury your ashes at sea. They will take us on a trip on a boat, and give us a tea: something for David and Penny to work on next Spring, but not in August, thank you!! Every year 600 children drown in SA and the NSRI trains other children how to do CPR and save lives.

to come to the meeting at the DRC Hall, Gordon Road, on the 22nd May starting at 1000. We will be entertained by a group of young lady singers from Herschel’s Girls School who will be here so you can hear them sing all ( a few) of your favourite songs.

David Boucher & Penny West have taken over Outings and their first outing will be in July. You cannot put your name down and pay on the day: we have to have payment when you book. The Committee regrets that having been caught before by people not arriving and not pre-paying: the rule is that if you want to play you have to pay, in advance!!!

If you change e-mail/house address then let Jill or I know

Lorna Marshall will be helping out on the Name tags from now on.

Yes, you can book your tickets with Annatjie, for the 2017 Christmas Party, at the May meeting. The cost is R275 for a buffet luncheon. Come and be part of the fun!! Tickets will be on sale until October when we have to give in final numbers to the Lord Charles Hotel.

Please Note: If you want to sit with someone at the Christmas Luncheon then YOU MUST TELL ANNATJIE WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR SEAT. We are not going to have arguments as to who is sitting with whom on the day. Tables are of 8(eight) only so there is no point in 16 wanting to sit together

Two SAARP Clubs in the Region have closed. Not from lack of membership, but because no-one was prepared to do the Admin and Committee work. This year the Committee is happy to stay in post, but we have to think to the future. No-one can be Chair or Secretary or Treasurer for ever, especially as we all mature. Think what you can do for the Club, not always what the Club can do for you.

Do you get the Head office Newsletter, every month? If not let me know so that Jill can pass your e-mail address to Ray and Julie

Beware of a company called “MORE-TO-LIFE”. They sell “Reverse Mortgages” but they are not to be trusted. SAARP Head Office is warning us about them.

There are not any holidays left in the SAARP Holiday Club portfolio: but you can always ring to see if they have a cancelation. Fancy a Cruise? Then Lifestyle Cruises are doing Special Deals 0861 113 388

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER open an attachment to an e-mail sent from someone you do not personally know. The Bank will NEVER ask you to send them details via an e-mail: it is always a scam! Finally if someone phones claiming to be from Microsoft and your computer is registering with them as faulty and then asks for personal details they are liars. They are NOT from Microsoft but they after your money. They claim to catch 150 Saffers a day, “because you are all so gullible”

If you contact Head Office always have your ID/Passport number handy as that is also your SAARP Registration number. PLEASE TURN YOUR PHONES OFF when Club meetings start!!!!!!!!!

50 Club =Beryl Bennett

Raffle= Joan Basson

Kim also had two Prize Packets to give away and they were won by Marie

Cloete and Maureen Rolf to those who are celebrating a May Birthday—Ingrid Baker—Elizabeth Barnet—Elize Basson—Eileen

Benjamin—Rita Buitendag—Our Secretary Jill Cole— Peter Cousens—Elaine Freeman—Des Lind—Name Tag

Lady Lorna Marshall—Ann Thompson—Sarah van

—Our Outings Director Penny West—Vi Woodcock— Mary Woudberg—Sonia Zannoni and Sabine Zarbock. May you all have a wonderful day with those that you love.

We have three New members this month. We welcome them all and hope that they take part in our activities and enjoy their stay with us.

Pamela Cain, Liz Fawcett and Anya Nigrini

The thoughts of our Wheelchair Warrior Sally Brownie

In October 1972, an Uruguayan plane, carrying 45 passengers to Chile, mostly students and rugby players, crashed in the Andes Mountains. Twelve died in the crash leaving the survivors to withstand hunger and below-zero temperatures. Their food reserves had to be eked out until they were rescued, but lost hope when heard that the search had been called off, on the radio. Desperate owing to the lack of food and physically exhausted, they were forced to feed off their dead comrades, to keep living. Finally, no longer able to take the extreme low temperatures, the avalanche threats, and anguished by the continuous deaths of their friends, plus their being little chance by then of a rescue, two men decided to cross the huge mountains to reach Chile. On 22nd of December of 1972, after being isolated for 72 days, the World found out that the 16 survivors had beaten Death. “Pa ek is verleif op ‘n ou wat ver van my af is. Ons het ontmoet op ‘n dating website, vriende geword op Facebook, laang gesreke gehad op Whatsapp, verloof geraak op Skype en nou het ek pa se blessing om te trou …” Pa se “Geen problem nie my kind, trou op Twitter, he prêt op BBM, koop kinders deur e-Bay, stuur hulle deur e-mail en waneer jy moeg is vir jou man, verkoop hom op Gumtree!”

Itzhak Pearlman broke a string at the start of a recital. Rather than replacing it, he played the entire concert with a broken instrument, saying, “Sometimes it is the artist’s task to find out how much music you can still make with what you have left.”