South African Associations
of Retired Persons

Club Activites

Examples of the services offered by a club:

  • They encourage participation in monthly meetings
  • They provide varied forms of entertainment at these meetings
  • They arrange outings and excursions of all sorts
  • Some clubs subsidise these outings
  • They arrange speakers to talk on interesting topics
  • They organise discounted trips and tours
  • They negotiate local discounts
  • They provide persons with the opportunity to serve on the various branch committees
  • Selected branches also offer computer training thereby enabling people to keep in touch with their children via e-mail and the World Wide Web

The General Manager remains in constant contact with club committees and frequently addresses their meetings. Committee members are provided with two free internal monthly newsletters to keep them in contact and informed of the latest developments.

SAARP Social Services also assists groups of members to create new social clubs and guides them through this process. Typically Social Services assist with the selection of an initial venue and with helping to identify people who would form the initial Committee. SAARP grants each new club a setting-up amount of R1,000.

At the inaugural club meeting the General Manager will ensure that there is someone at the door to welcome people and to give directions and to answer simple questions. He will then address the meeting and cover the following points:

  • welcome
  • the introduction of the initial committee
  • background information on SAARP
  • aims of a SAARP Social Club
  • economic and social benefits offered by SAARP
  • the need for proper administration and control
  • the setting of a date for the first monthly meeting

The chairmen of the clubs in the Western Cape, Southern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal attend regular regional meetings chaired by the General Manager. At these meetings there is cross feedback between the clubs and this has proved to be of great benefit to all. Information on speakers and entertainers is shared at these meetings and clubs pick up operational tips from other clubs. Social interaction between club committees is just as vital as the interaction between members of a club.

Currently there are 28 active clubs ranging in membership from 40 to 1,200 members with a total membership approaching 9,000.