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Short Term insurance benefits

We read in your Newsletter last month that you were encouraging members to look at their insurance again. We were with the same company for sixteen years. We phoned and were put through to Beverly Nunes and gave her our details. She called back the next day with the best deal that she was able to get. It was a fantastic 61% or R12,782 per annum saving and needless to say we accepted it. We are very grateful and appreciate the effort that Beverly put in for us.

A BIG, BIG thank you. Horst and St Clair Keppke”


Holiday benefits

I cannot thank you enough for our most amazing holiday. We spent 4 nights at Formosa Bay and 4 at Mykonos. Both resorts are top class and the facilities are just beyond compare. The staff at Formosa Bay are just so helpful and friendly that I believe they have been trained in Customer Care. Even if you asked the Cleaner where the pool was, she would switch off the vacuum cleaner (in another chalet) and take you there with a lovely smile as if you are royalty.

At Mykonos, it is a little more formal, but every person was so helpful and kind.  They have golf carts that come and fetch you from your Kalifa and take you to wherever you want to go. So even if you struggle to walk, you can enjoy Mykonos’s many facilities. Their facilities, swimming pools, games areas, Casino, etc. were just so clean and cared for. Being right on the sea was amazing too. I boogie boarded every day. Lovely. At both facilities the chalets had been revamped and everything was new and modern. We had an amazing time at both resorts and it was all due to you and your dedication to us oldies. Without your help we would never have been able to afford such a fabulous holiday. You always reply so promptly and we receive all the necessary paperwork needed for quick and efficient reception at each resort. Thank you Precious Renske for all you do for your SAARP members. Lots and lots of love Margo and Hennie

Here is an example of the costs:







Club Mykonos


14-18 Nov

1 Bedroom


Free newsletter – useful information

Firstly I wish to thank you for a most informative “newsletter” as all of them have been. The latest (Issue 124) has proved for me to be most informative.

Firstly the article on “Strokes” proved to be more than just informative. Reading it and taking note of the “symptoms” made me go straight to the Doctor and he immediately put me on medication as my blood pressure proved to be dangerously high. So your article could possibly have saved my life. Thank you!

Secondly the article titled “Sound advice for over 65s” I feel that a copy of this should be supplied to every person on their 65th birthday. I know that all the advice therein is available but to find it in such a condensed version is invaluable. I speak from experience as I will be turning 80 next week and although most of your advice I have managed to follow there are things that I have overlooked but it is never too late to learn and try to rectify them.

Free Wills Executed At A Discount

SAAP will draw up and hold your will at no cost. If you appoint SAARP as your joint executor we will execute the will at a discount on the Executor’s fees which range from 20% to 50% depending on the size of your will. Depending on the size of your estate.

Free ICOS and ICOD Forms

(In Case of Sickness and In Case of Death)

Everyone who has anyone they care for, including themselves, should download and use these forms

Social Clubs

Feedback from a club’s members re a mystery trip:

Last year Ingrid Green told her members that she was organising a five day mystery trip. They did not know the destination or the cost but it was immediately fully subscribed. Here are two member’s comments on their return:

  • We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, as did everyone else. Lovely accommodation, delicious food (too much of it!), a comfortable journey with our safe driver, Peter. And what fun we all had – relaxing under trees, with pleasant, good humoured company. The visits you arranged were interesting and delightful.
  • . . . after a fantastic time at the Breede River. All your wonderful plans came to fruition with much fun, interest and bonhomie. A great crowd of people who all mixed well and were so enthusiastic about all the things that you had laid on.

You too and become part of this . . .

generally speaking, social contact is much more important as people age and in today’s world, with many folk have children overseas older folk face facing two major challenges, namely:

  • Shrinking incomes
  • Loneliness

A number of years ago SAARP anticipated these needs and created an infrastructure for social clubs to meet these needs.

By holding monthly meetings and organizing entertainment, lunches and outings, the Social Clubs provide an opportunity for older persons to meet and interact.

These are examples of some the services offered by a club:

  • They encourage participation in monthly meetings
  • They provide varied forms of entertainment at these meetings
  • They arrange outings and excursions of all sorts
  • Some clubs subsidise these outings
  • They arrange speakers to talk on interesting topics
  • They organise discounted trips and tours
  • They negotiate local discounts
  • They provide persons with the opportunity to serve on the various branch committees
  • Selected branches also offer computer training thereby enabling people to keep in touch with their children via e-mail and the World Wide Web


  • Membership is free
  • Anyone above the age of 50 can join, whether you are on pension, employed or not
  • It’s easy, join online via our website

Contact details

Head Office: PO Box 13222, N1 City, 7463, Cape Town, Western Cape

Tel: 021 592 1279

Fax: 021 592 1284

Email: saarp@iafrica.com  info@saarp.net

Website: www.saarp.net